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Plumbing emergencies can happen everywhere, not only in our homes. Pipe bursts, water and toilet leaks and other plumbing mishaps in restaurants and other commercial centers could mean lost productivity and revenue. Depending on the extent of the damage, closing your store or restaurant for a few days would mean you need to work double time to catch up on your sales and reach your target.

Instead of worrying about losing revenue when the next pipe burst strikes, let Hamilton City Plumbers be your emergency plumber on call. Hamilton’s plumbing services include toilet repair, install, replace and repair water heater, faucet plumbing services and more.

Toilet Plumbing Services

If you have a very busy restaurant that only means that your toilet facility experiences the same. Your customers’ frequent use would mean that your toilet bowls and urinals will be subject to a lot of use and abuse. Toilet leaks, cracked bowls, and clogged toilets can be some of the issues you have to face whenever your commercial facility is in operation.

Once you see the first sign of water leak from your toilets, it is best to immediately call plumbing companies like Hamilton City Plumbers to fix the issue as soon as possible. Why? Having a water leak coming from your toilet will not sit well with customers and might cause them to leave your shop or restaurant before they can even place an order.

Hamilton has a team of plumbing experts that can carry out toilet repair works. Apart from our expertise, we can also ensure that we only comply with manufacturer’s standards when servicing commercial toilets.

Emergency Repair Expert
Rusty Commercial Pipe

Commercial Pipe Services

While you might be saving the business’ money for other advancements inside the shop or restaurant, you need to make sure that you don’t neglect the establishment’s commercial pipes. Having a reliable plumbing company check your pipes for cracks and corrosion is needed to ensure that the appropriate maintenance is carried out to ensure that you don’t get shocked that an unexpected water leak happened inside your commercial premises.

You need to make sure that you keep your pipes in good shape to avoid footing a bill that might eat up most of your sales for the next three months! Take charge and have plumber experts diagnose and advise whether you need to replace or clean commercial pipes before they become a financial headache!

Kitchen Disposal Services

When things get busy in a restaurant, the kitchen disposal is working double time as well. However, no one mans the disposal service unless it breaks down. Before you know it, kitchen disposal services would get clogged or jammed without knowing what caused it.

Rather than diving in and getting yourself dirty while trying to figure out how the machine operates, how about letting Hamilton City Plumbers help you. We also offer kitchen disposal service repair in order to get the machine working again.

Jams, leaks and machine humming are just some of the common disposal repairs that a kitchen disposal experience. Hamilton City Plumbers has a team of experts that can swiftly carry out these repairs for you.

Make sure to act now when pipes, toilets, and kitchen disposal services of your commercial establishment show signs of distress. Do not wait for them to break, rather call plumbing experts like Hamilton City Plumbers to resolve the issue at an affordable price.


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