The use of a sink grinder or garbage disposal is essential if you do not want to have problems with closures anymore. This small unit is fixed under the sink to grind and dispose of waste easily. How does a garbage disposal machine work? The answers are in this guide.

Garbage disposal machine operation mode

The sink grinder is a device that shreds leftover food that falls into the sink. It’s only used to crush organic waste such as meat, fish remains, small bones, fruits, vegetables, eggshells, peelings, etc. It shouldn’t be used on non-organic waste such as metal, plastic, etc.

The device consists of several elements for shredding organic waste:

The use of a garbage disposal is very simple. But when you press the power switch, there are many processes that come into play. When using, start by running cold tap water. The start switch of the mill must be activated. The waste must be cut into small pieces so that they can fit into the drain of the sink.

The waste then arrives to the grinding chamber. They are projected onto the jagged walls of the grinding chamber. The garbage is instantly reduced to dust. They are then removed to the drain pipe without any risk of clogging the pipes.

How to set up a garbage disposal machine?

The garbage disposal is an electrical appliance. It is very compact and lightweight. It must be placed under the sink and connected directly to the drain. The installation of a garbage disposal is quite simple:

  • Position the device under the bung
  • Fix the appliance on the sink
  • Connect the drain hole with the drain hose of the sink
  • Connect the electrical outlet to a power source

What to do and what to avoid with a garbage disposal

To ensure your safety and promote a longer life of your garbage disposal, here are a few things you need to do and avoid.

What you should do:

  • Cold water must be poured before and during use
  • Always cut waste into small slices
  • The grinder must be used at least 30 seconds during each use
  • Disconnect the power supply before maintenance
  • Maintain the device on a 3-to-6 month’s basis

What you should avoid:

  • Never put your hand inside the grinder
  • Avoid grinding food that is too hard
  • Never lean on the waste to force them into the trash
  • Never insert metal objects such as spoons or forks inside the grinder

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