Would you like to have some insight about plumbing? Here are some
plumbing basic tips that can help you understand the plumbing system. You will also find the best ways to solve small problems on plumbing.

Old and modern plumbing

There was a time when irrigation systems were powered by manual pumps. This system worked thanks to the counterweights. The water distribution was done with a water bridge.

  • Although some of these antiques made by the peoples of the past are still visible today, know that a greater know-how and new scientific knowledge have completely changed the world of mechanics and plumbing.
  • Over time, the constitution of the plumbing has become more sophisticated. Moreover, they are much better nowadays. Sewer and water systems are not good for many people. Thus, they constantly fill the growing needs of the industrial world.
  • Aeration system, sewage dewatering system and water supply are installed in our homes.

The various materials

Pipe and plumbing systems are a very strong and rigid pipe assembly, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), cast iron, copper, galvanized steel, as well as ABS which is an assembly of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene.

  • Plastic pipes are mainly used for sewer and return pipes while copper and steel pipes are mainly used for cold water and hot water pipes.
  • In addition to being durable, brass and chrome-plated copper are also popular because of their brilliance. Therefore, they are used as feed pipes for various devices.

A proper maintenance

It’s important to know that the plumbing system can break. You need to do some maintenance to keep the network in top condition while avoiding costly repairs.

1.  To prevent hair from accumulating in your shower and tub, a strainer must be installed in the drain of these two rooms.

2. Regarding the sink in your kitchen, you should always leave the filter cap to intercept all the pieces of food.

3. If you get some bad smells from your toilet, your shower or your washbasin, it’s possible that the water of the siphon has evaporated. The siphon is a tool to keep the flow of stale air from the pipes and sewers with the air of your house. You just have to fill the siphon with a large amount of water to fix the problem. To avoid having bad smells, it will be necessary to regularly empty the siphons.

4. If you have unpleasant smells from your plumbing fixtures, be aware that this may also be due to a malfunction in your exhaust system. Make sure that the vent on your roof isn’t clogged. You will need to have it checked by a professional. This latter will quickly assess the state of the system while remedying it faster. You can also use baking soda to avoid smells problems. This product is made to dissolve fats.

That said, once you notice a leak in your ducting, bad smells or clogged ducts, you need to hire a plumbing professional to solve these problems. You will also avoid making major repairs if you hire a professional to treat the problem earlier.

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