To ensure the safety of a building and ensure the stability of its foundation, the use of a sump pump is essential. This type of equipment must be maintained on a regular basis to ensure its proper functioning. However, it is important to know when to clean it so as not to damage it and ensure its effectiveness. But before determining the frequency of use of a sump pump, it is essential to know exactly what it is used for.

What is a sump pump for?

The use of a sump pump prevents the infiltration of water into the basement and the foundation of a house. Indeed, the system of this pump was designed to eliminate water that infiltrated the betons walls. This helps to protect the foundation from moisture and keep it dry at all times.

There is a system called “French Drain” and the sump pump proves to be one of its most important elements. Groundwater is captured by the French drain piping system. The latter delivers the water to the sump pump so that it is expelled as far as possible from the foundation through a drain pipe.

How often should a sump pump be maintained?

Now that you have understood the usefulness and the operating mode of the sump pump, you can benefit from the best advice concerning the frequency of its maintenance. Indeed, it is necessary to maintain the pump regularly so that it can operate optimally.

Regular inspection

The smooth operation and fluidity of the drainage system depend on the quality of the sump pump. If the latter is subject to some operating problems, this can lead to leaks or water infiltration that may cause deterioration or even collapse of the foundation. So for optimal performance of the sump pump, nothing beats a regular maintenance of the equipment.

Maintenance of the sump

Sump cleaning should be done once a year. This should take place before the beginning of the winter period. The equipment has to be thoroughly cleaned and the debris that has settled in the ducts has to be removed. If you don’t remove them, they may affect the operation of the sump.

By maintaining your sump, you will also guarantee the effectiveness of the device. For this, you must check if the water doesn’t stagnate inside. Stagnant water doesn’t really affect the proper functioning of the equipment but it may generate unpleasant smells.

Maintenance of the sump pump

The sump pump also needs to be cleaned at least once a year to work properly. During this operation, a complete control of the material is recommended. Unlike sump maintenance, which is done before the onset of winter, the sump pump should be maintained in the spring just after snowmelt. It’s during this period that the pump is facing tough tests.

This annual maintenance is not enough to ensure the proper functioning of the sump. Indeed, a regular check of the system is also necessary. On a regular basis, you should remove any loose debris from the material and be sure to clean the sieve thoroughly. The latter must be clean so that it can better protect the water intake.

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