A clogged toilet is one of the most common plumbing issues received by plumbing companies. There can be various reasons why your toilet got clogged. If you have a curious toddler at home, he or she can also be a culprit. They might be dumping whatever stuff they can find and tries to flush it away. Unfortunately, they finally find a piece that does not fit well and gets stuck. Another possibility is your house might still have a first-generation low flow toilet. A lot of older low flow toilets lack the necessary pressure to clear their trap and drain which results in regular clogs. There are other possibilities but apart from knowing the root cause, you also want to know how can you fix your clogged toilet issue.


Use a Plunger

One of the first options that you can do to unclog your toilet is to use a plunger. It is recommended to use a heavy-duty rubber plunger so that you can retrieve the obstruction from your toilet bowl. It might not work immediately but it would often work after repeated efforts/flushing.

Use an Enzyme Product

Another option that you can do is to purchase an enzyme waste removal product that liquefies waste materials. This kind of enzyme removal product is used in septic tanks to break down waste. However, this method will only work on organic waste, not on toys or other objects.

Homemade Drain Cleaner

You can create also create your own homemade drain cleaner by boiling half a gallon of water and have the baking soda-vinegar mixture on standby while you wait for the water to cool. After a few minutes, you can pour in the baking soda-vinegar mixture then pour the hot water. Again, this method only works on clogs that do not have a hard obstruction.

Purchase or use a plumbing snake

This tool is used by people who want to clear their toilet clogs without damaging or staining their toilet bowl.

Wire Coat Hanger

Another DIY tool to unclog your toilet is using a wire coat hanger. Before you submerge the hanger in the water, make sure that you put a duct tape or rag so that it would not scratch or damage the porcelain of your bowl. However, this method only has a minimal success rate especially if the obstruction can’t be reached by the hanger. You might resort to using a plumbing snake, just in case.

Chemical Drain Cleaner

This is usually considered one of the last resort when it comes to unclogging a toilet on your own. Just to note that you have to be careful when using this and make sure that you have read the instructions carefully as these type of drain cleaners is very damaging to the environment and is toxic to people.

Plumbing Company

When all else fails and you still have a clogged toilet right in front of you. It is time to accept defeat and call a plumbing company to help you get rid of the clog. Plumbing technicians can check and diagnose the reason why you had a clog on your toilet. They will also give you tips on how you can avoid getting this type of clogs in the future. Whatever method you choose, make sure that you exercise proper caution and ready instructions carefully especially if you are going to use harmful products that might be toxic for you and the people around you.
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